English Grammer general questions

Hi friends, checkout English subject general questions for competition exam preparation.


Q.01 Girls usually / are taking / more time / for dressings.
A. girls usually
B. are taking✅
C. more time
D. for dressings

Q.02  I / am going / to theatre / now.
A. i
B. am going
C. to theatre
D. now
E. No error✅

Q.03 Suganya / sing / better than / Suriya.
A. suganya
B. sing✅
C. better than
D. suriya

Q.04 The building is not safe and must be _______ down:

A. pull
B. pulling
C. pulled✅
D. pulls

Q. 05 There is something wonderful _____ him.

A. of
B. about✅
C. for
D. inside

Q. 06 The song is the play cannot be deleted as it is _______ to the story.

A. intervened
B. innate
C. exacting
D. integral✅

Q. 07 She remained a ______ all her life.

A. spinster✅
B. bachelor
C. unmarried
D. single

Find synonymous

A. Fluidity
B. Politeness
C. Clarity✅
D. Fluency

A. Implicate
B. Elude
C. Charge✅
D. Manifest

A. Accuse
B. Praise
C. Appreciate✅
D. Judge

One word substitutions

Q. 11 Life history of a man written by himself.
A.  Biography
B.  Auto Biography✅
C.  Calligraphy
D.  Bibliography

Q 12. Study of mankind.
A.  Pathology
B.  Philology
C.  Physiology
D.  Anthropology✅

Q. 13 The study of ancient societies.
A.  Anthropology
B.  Archaeology
C.  History8
D.  Ethnology✅

Q 14. The plants and vegetation of a certain region.
A.  Fauna
B.  Flora✅
C.  Forest
D.  Vegetation

Q 15. A poem of meaning.
A.  Elegy✅
B.  Sonnet
C.  Lyric
D.  Epic