General knowledge questions in English

1. The number of west flowing rivers of Kerala? Ans : 41
2. “Who is the author of””Kannuneerthulli”” ?” Ans : Nalappattu Narayana Menon
3. Edakkal Caves are in Ans: Wayanad District
4. The place in Kerala where NavalAcademy is being built is
Ans : Ezhimala
5. Bakal Fort is in which District ?
Ans : Kasargode
6. First computerised Panchayath in Kerala Ans : Vellanad
7. Information Kerala Mission started in
Ans : 1999
8. Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) is in
Ans :Trissur
9. Smallest Grama Panchayath in Kerala is
Ans : Valapattanam

10. Who was the first education minister of Kerala State ?
Ans : Joseph Mundassery
11. Whose autobiography is called ”Ormayude Arakal ”?
Ans : Cherukad
12. The State Institute of Rural Development [SIRD] is located in
Ans : Kottarakkara
13. Smallest Taluk in Kerala
Ans : Kochi
14. The region of Kerala where evergreen forests are seen
Ans : Silent Valley
15. Which ids the biggest Taluk in Kerala State ?
Ans : Eranad
16. The name of the river that flows through the Silent Valley in Kerala ?
Ans : Kunthippuzha
17. The maximum number of Wards in a Grama Panchyath
Ans : 20
18. The winner of the first Ezhuthachan Puraskar ?
Ans : Dr.Sooranad Kunjan Pillai
19. Samadhi of Sri. Narayana Guru is at Ans : Sivagiri
20. The Parauram Express runs between
Ans : Thiruvananthapuram & Mangalore
21. Who started the State Transport Service in Travancore ?
Ans : C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer 22. The district inwhich Central Root Research Institute is situated
Ans : Thiruvananthapuram 23. The Director of the film ” Agnisakshi ”
Ans : Shyamaprasad
24. Name the Jnanpith award winner in 1995

Ans : M.T.Vasudevan Nair
25. Where is Puralimala situated

Ans : Thalasserry
26. Importance of 1 makaram 984 in the history of Kerala is
Ans : Kundara Proclamation
27. “The book “”Swarga Vathil Thurakkunna Samayam”” is writtenby”
Ans : M.T.Vasudevan Nair
28. Head Quarter of Kerala Forest Research Institute
Ans : Peechi
29. The speaker having longest tenure in the Kerala Assembly
Ans : M.Vijayakumar
30. First Kerala State Kathakali Award has been given to
Ans : Kalamandalam Raman Kutty Nair
31. “Chandanakkuda Maholsavam” is held every year in”
Ans : Bimappalli
32. Wellington Island is in which district
Ans : Ernakulam
33. Joseph Mundassery was the Education Minister of Kerala in the ministry headed by
Ans : E.M.S
34. “The book “”Sooryakanthi “” is written by”
Ans : G.Sankarakurup
35. “Who wrote the malayalam novel “Agnisakshi”
Ans : Lalithambika Antharjanam
36. “Who is the director of the film”Chemmeen ”
Ans : Ramu Kariyattu
37. The Teak Museum of Kerala is located in Ans : Nilampoor
38. Which novel of Sara Joseph gotVayalar Award ?
Ans : Alahayude Penmakkal
39. The first short story in Malayalam Ans : Vasana vikrithi 40. Sandal forest in Kerala
Ans : Marayoor
41. The first wild life sanctury in Kerala ? Ans : Thekkady
42. “Horthus Malabaricus” a seventeenth century book published in 12 volumes by the Dutch describes ”
Ans : Medicinal Plants of Kerala
43. The Monsoon which brings rains in Kerala during the period October-November is called Ans : North East Monsoon
44. Who started the State Transport service in Travanore ?
Ans : C.P.RamaSwamy Iyer 45. “Who wrote””Viswadarshanam”””
Ans : G.Shankara Kurup
46. Forest Industries Travancore issituated in
Ans : Aluva
47..Which is the firstMalayalam Novel ?
Ans : Kundhalatha by Appu Nedungadi48..Who was the founder of Nair Service Society (N.S.S) ?
Ans : Mannath Padmanabhan
49..Who is known as “Kerala Valmiki” ?
Ans : Vallathol Narayana Menon
50.The First President of “Kerala Sahithya Academy”
Ans : Sardar K.M.Panicker